Victoria Moonfire

Embodiment Catalyst ~Womb Priestess~ Mother of New Earth



A temple is a place where the divine dwells and is honored. It is an embodied place for divine energy. Your retreat here is a nesting dolls of temples. Maui is a nature temple. My home is a temple. And most importantly, YOU are the ultimate temple of the divine. Come into the temple and honor the awakening your own divine embodiment. You are the only guest. Your retreat is customized to your intentions. Relax and allow yourself to receive in a safe and nurturing womb temple of Divine Mother Love.


SpiritSong is channeled sounds and songs of ancient and multidimensional languages. These sounds and languages are encoded with frequencies that clear old programs and upgrade your light body and neural pathways. They are messages for your soul that bypass the mind. They are songs of love from your higher self and the Divine.



From the Womb of Creation your womb was created. There is an umbilical cord of light connecting your womb to the Cosmic Womb and to the Womb of Gaia . Womb is the source of your intuition and knowing. She is a portal, a wombhole to other dimensions. Most wombs are full of energetic chords to sexual partners, ancestral trauma, and patriarchal programming. That means  that your creation cauldron is not clean and clear. It’s rather like trying to cook in a dirty pot. Whatever was in that pot before will get mixed in with the new creation. WombSong is SpiritSong  specifically to your womb or from your womb. There are many applications for this beautiful and potent offering.


Inbreath of the Day


Victoria Moonfire is an embodiment catalyst, womb priestess and a mother of New Earth. She is a mystic mermaid siren, a divine feminine chantress engaging the feminine frequencies of the elementals, sound and ceremony.


She builds bridges of light, giving star seed souls their divine passport to change from alien to divine citizen of Gaia through earth magic, spiritsong and a translation of circuitry from where they are, to being fully present in the New Earth Paradigm.

Moonfire is an irreverent, playful, pure channel for Divine Mother. She creates a safe and nurturing womb space for you to relax and be held by Divine Mother. Her gifts as a gourmet cook add a delicious touch to her retreats.

Moonfire and her beloved divine masculine ground support, Ed, live and love in Kihei, Maui. They love sharing great food, dancing, and spending time with their kids and grandkids in Maui and Seattle. 

“Using words and song, she takes you on a journey into your body, connects you with the earth, the cosmos and All That Is and 'attunes' you as if a mechanic working on a beautiful custom-built luxury car.”




Tel: 808.707.4654
Hale o Haumea in Kihei, Maui

 Mahalo for connecting!