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Remember Your Wild Nature
Rebirth Your Magical Life
Embody Your Light
Do you hear the Siren song?
She is calling you ‘Home’
Meet Moonfire

Moonfire is an Elemental priestess, Embodiment catalyst, and mystic mermaid Incantrix. Moonfire weaves SirenSong, the Elemental Queendom, Sacred Ceremony and Transformational Embodiment for you to gain insights, receive healing and as a powerful pathway for you to come “home” to your authentic and magical SELF.

She lives on Maui in a romance with the island, the ocean and the elemental world. She facilitates embodied journeys and ceremonies on land and in the ocean in co-creation with elemental consciousness and spirits of places of power. Her gift of SirenSong creates evolutionary and healing codes that clear and reprogram the crystalline oceanic worlds without and within. 

She is claire-cognitive, and sees patterns and quantum entanglements, creating awareness of the subconscious programs that have been running.

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Answer the Siren Song 

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SirenSong  is channeled sounds and songs of ancient and multidimensional languages. These sounds and languages are encoded with frequencies that clear old programs and upgrade your crystalline light body and neural pathways. They are messages for your soul that bypass the mind. They are songs of love from your higher self and the Divine. 

Sacred Ceremony

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Sacred Ceremony adds power, beauty and magic to your specific intentions.  SirenSong, invoking the elementals and powers of place, create a powerful container for transformation and manifestation.

Elemental Awakening Retreats


Come to Maui, the womb chakra of the islands.  Drop into organic time and Gaian consciousness. Be nourished by the radiance of sunlight and the geomagnetic field that rises from the molten core of the island.  Fully inhabit yourself as an elemental being, a magical divine child of Earth. We will engage the elemental life forces of fire, air, water, earth and the places of power to begin to relax the nervous system, decolonize the mind, reverse your epigenetic clock and re-code your DNA to Innocence.

~  Ovations  ~

“Using words and song, she takes you on a journey into your body, connects you with the earth, the cosmos and All That Is and 'attunes' you as if a mechanic working on a beautiful, custom-built luxury car.”
~ Leta

 Start your journey here with a   Mystic SirenSong in Moonfire Cove


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