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Temple Retreats


A temple is a place where the divine dwells and is honored. It is an embodied place for divine energy. Your retreat here is a nesting dolls of temples. Maui is a nature temple. My home is a temple. And most importantly, YOU are the ultimate temple of the divine. Come into the temple and honor the awakening of your own divine embodiment. 

Private: You are the only guest. Your retreat is customized to your intentions. Relax and allow yourself to receive in a safe and nurturing womb temple of Divine Mother Love.

Why a retreat in Maui with a womb priestess? Let me count the ways! 

Return to Innocence

Many people did not have a nurturing childhood or worse, had the innocence of childhood ripped from them in some way. This retreat invites you to become a child again and just play for a week without any responsibilities whatsoever. You don’t have to cook, clean or drive yourself anywhere. You even get a special bedtime meditation journey and angel lullaby tuck in at night. Let your inner child come out to play knowing they are safe....

Womb of Gaia Elemental Rebirth

Working with the elementals and the energy of sacred places in Maui, I escort you on an embodied journey of rebirth.

Embodied Creation

Is there a project, a book, an album that is stirring in your creation cauldron? Come to the Womb Temple and partner with the creation energy of Maui. 

Personal Journey of Rejuvenation

Has there been too much giving and not enough receiving? Too much masculine and not enough feminine? Are you mentally, physically or emotionally exhausted? Come to the temple and rest. Allow the healing powers of Maui to renew you. 

Wise Woman Initiation

Honor this powerful life transition with ceremony, contemplation and play. Get juiced up for the next phase of your womanhood. 


Make this transition into womanhood a special and magical event.

Native Alien 

Fully incarnate and become indigenous to earth. Be the bridge between heaven and earth. This retreat is for star seeds who are ready to fully incarnate and bring the New Earth codes they carry to the planet. Now is the time. 

Group Retreats

All of the themes for the personal retreats can be arranged for small groups. Connect with me for an exploratory call. 

What's Included

  • 7 nights lodging private room and bath in the Mermaid Suite at Hale o Haumea.

  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners. We will have a celebratory dinner out on your last night. That meal is not included in your fee.

  • Transportation to and from airport and to all activities.

  • All activities

  • Shorter Retreats are available

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