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Elemental Awakening Retreats


Come to Maui, the womb chakra of the islands.  Drop into organic time and Gaian consciousness. Be nourished by the radiance of sunlight and the geomagnetic field that rises from the molten core of the island.  Fully inhabit yourself as an elemental being, a magical divine child of Earth. We will engage the elemental life forces of fire, air, water, earth and the places of power to begin to relax the nervous system, decolonize the mind, reverse your epigenetic clock and re-code your DNA to Innocence.

Customized just for you, you and a friend, or a small group.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call  

~  Ovations  ~


"I felt an inner call this past winter to travel somewhere “I felt I needed to go”and was patiently waiting for it to come forward. As soon as I received an invitation from Moonfire to join her in Maui for her Elemental Awakening Retreat, I knew it had my

name on it. During the week I was there, she created sacred space & opportunities for us to connect with the beautiful, powerful and healing energy of the land and water there through shamanic ritual and ceremony. We honored each of the 4 Sacred Elements, as we visited various sacred sites around the island, enjoying the beauty, tropical weather and indigenous wisdom & energy in ways being “tourist” can’t offer”. I was able to more fully gain clarity and embodiment regarding my purpose and mission and to embrace fully being here to do that… something I along with many others, have struggled with at times. Thank you Moonfire, for your support, insight, wisdom and the blessings and lessons which allowed me to shift and grow in ways I needed at this time. It was a gift to myself and one I highly recommend to others seeking their own growth and clearing."

~ Georgia

“Attending the 5 day Elemental Retreat with Moonfire was an all encompassing experience. She escorted me into sacred sites throughout the beautiful island of Maui. She guided walkabouts with ceremony and rituals. Each day was unique as we honored all elements and I became one with nature. This allowed me to surrender and trust more deeply. I gained clarity for what would support my evolution and life journey, especially in being true to myself. Not only was this a transformational retreat, I loved the evening story and song which prepared my conscious and sub-conscious for the following day’s focus.  A nice touch was the healthy, home cooked meals, a special alter, the mermaid bedroom suite and lots of goodies along the way. Moonfire generously shares her gifts, knowledge and dedication to our wild and whole being-ness. This will be a retreat you’ll carry in your heart, bones and energy field for many moons to come.” 

Melina B.  - Washington

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