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 Private Embodied Retreat

I felt an inner call this past winter to travel somewhere “I felt I needed to go”and was patiently waiting for it to come forward. As soon as I received an invitation from Victoria to join her in Maui for her Womb Embodiment Retreat, I knew it had my name on it. It eventually became clear to both of us that this experience in particular, was meant to be a one-on-one. During the week I was there, she created sacred space & opportunities for us to connect with the beautiful, powerful and healing energy of the land and water there through shamanic ritual and ceremony. We honored each of the 4 Sacred Elements, as we visited various sacred sites around the island, enjoying the beauty, tropical weather and indigenous wisdom & energy in ways being “tourist” can’t offer”. We joined together to anchor in the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balance on Gaia, as well as more fully within each of us. I was able to recognize and heal at a deeper level, my own issue with “receiving” as well as allowing myself to be more “vulnerable” within that process through her support & our shared experiences. I was also given the gift as well, of being nurtured (a rarity for me as I find myself doing most of the nurturing), as I was able to enJOY her wonderful, conscious meals she lovingly prepared each day and a bedtime ritual performed on my behalf each night before sleep which included sacred toning and song. I was able to more fully gain clarity and embodiment regarding my purpose and mission and to embrace fully being here to do that… something I along with many others, have struggled with at times. Thank you Victoria, for your support, insight, wisdom and the blessings and lessons which allowed me to shift and grow in ways I needed at this time. It was a gift to myself and one I highly recommend to others seeking their own growth and clearing. ~ Georgia


 Womb Song Magic

Today I received a very special session from Victoria Moonfire. I felt so safe in her energy and her presence. I felt myself open completely as she opened the session with her powerful words. I deepened into trust. I felt many tears slide out the corners of my eyes. Unknown tight areas began to unfurl. I could feel the invitation into deep remembrance. I knew her soul. I shared that I had noticed this week places in my throat that were tight. That for me, air was always swirling around, but I had a challenge with grounding it into forms. I have a lot of air and fire in my chart. As sounds came through her, I felt a gold disc appear in my throat ~ it felt like a door that had long ago closed and the sound created a quiver that wanted to continue opening. More tears poured out. The sounds were so ancient, beautiful, powerful, and full. Then I dropped into my womb space. I could feel my essence really in there, in a way I have never experienced before. The area started quietly vibrating with aliveness. So very aware of the pelvic bowl. Especially the back of the bowl. Then my root began to open, and I was able to relax deeply into this opening. Mysterious how this womb work starts deep and works it's way to the surface. Through the bones, the muscle, heart, eyes. I felt like she was singing my birth song to me ~ the one that had not been sang until now. I have been listening to the meditation every night before bed ~ and have felt so much of my mother's fear and pain. After the session I cried and cried and finally the emotion that has been held in my cells has washed out. Thank you beautiful soul sister for your song and magic today. ~ Brenda


 Energetic Tune Up

Victoria is a fabulous person to turn to for "energetic tune-ups" for mind and body. With one session, I felt clearheaded and revitalized. This was exactly what my body needed and I am so glad I followed my heart and booked a session with her. It was totally worth it. Describing the experience isn't easy with words. It has to be felt. Using words and song, she takes you on a journey into your body, connects you with the earth, the cosmos and All That Is and "attunes" you as if a mechanic working on a beautiful custom-built luxury car. Wishing her every success because her stuff is awesome!  ~ Leta


 Healing the Healers

WOW what an amazing exprience.  I went into the session with no idea of  what was going to happen. I did go into it with a full sense  of being open and allow what to happen to happen. Must say I think it shocked us both in some cases. I have been on a journey since then of working out all the  held on emotions that have been in a deep hiding since I was a small child. The journey is not easy but I have been very open to moving it forward and out and give ìt fully to the universe to take.  So very true that sound, music, movement and everything in between can be so healing. I truly feel a great change and allowance of positive energy exchange has taken place. Thank you for your love and your gift of  healing the healers. Much love ~ Christy


 Awakening the Voice

Skype session with Mama Moonfire... what a relief to have that dark energy move out of my throat center, that area that felt so constricted. I want to shout out on the Mountain top from the highest peak, the exquisiteness of Mama Moonfire's sacred gift of being a high frequency sound channel. The session I had with her was so profound, it awakened my Voice. Words are flowing freely from my heart/womb, I am speaking the Truth. A large blue dragon enfolded her wings around me, I felt myself within her body as the dark sounds growled and howled through my voice, I felt and saw an entity release from my throat.   ~ Sunomi


 Womb Song for Baby Kaya

My family was fortunate to connect with Victoria's Womb Song offering when I was 7 months pregnant.  I am a first time mom and had been intrigued by traditional medicine practices of singing to a baby while in utero to learn the baby's name. We had the session online and I was moved to tears with the beauty of the song that Victoria channeled.  Her work is clear, honest and filled with aloha for all that is. These words do not do justice to the joyful resonance that the work brought to my soul.   Victoria's Womb Song Session was a gift that I will always cherish - and our daughter's name became clear to us after the session.  4 months later, Baby Kaya embodies the beauty and sparkle that came through in her Womb Song. ~ Kathy Jakielski


 Siren Song

I had the honor and pleasure of having a SirenSong session with Victoria Moonfire during my last visit to Maui. It was a very sweet and deeply profound experience. The focus for me was to release the past and the format she used was very sacred and ceremonial. It really set the tone in a way that felt very respectful and honoring of me, her, the land, the waters and the Hawaiian culture. Throughout the process she made me feel so safe, supported and seen as I let go in a very deep way. The container she held for my process was priceless. I am so very grateful because it allowed me to feel very nurtured and held in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. If you are looking for a sacred healing experience that connects you with the energies of Maui and your soul more fully, I cannot recommend Moonfire enough. She is a beautiful soul with high integrity and a beautiful doula for deep soul healing and re-membering. You won’t be disappointed! ~ Shanna M

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